1Click DVD Copy

1Click DVD Copy 6.2

Create copies of your favorite DVDs
Make copies of your DVDs and configure the output file format. Supports Dual Layer media in both NTSC and PAL DVD format.

If you are into watching movies, then DVDs are a part of your daily life. You may also know by experience that sometimes your favorite movie can get ruined due to scratches and weathering. 1Click DVD Copy can help you preserve those DVDs that you love by copying them onto other discs, to an external storage device or to your hard drive.

One thing that makes this tool different from other similar applications is its simplicity. The program really honors its name as it allows copying a disc with a single click. All you have to do is insert the source disc and click on Start, and the program will do the rest. However, you can also make customized copies by pressing the Options button. As you will see, the program is useful when you want to not simply copy the disc, but to shrink its contents to fit another disc with less storage capacity because it allows you to remove extras or episodes, DTS audio and movie menus. Besides, it lets you compress the resulting video. Although it offers the possibility to remove languages, it doesn’t allow picking which ones. Moreover, it doesn’t allow copying specific titles or chapters only. Fortunately, the program lets you choose a destination, which can be another disc or a folder.

In general, if you value usability more than sophistication, 1click DVD Copy can be the right application for you. While it is a good thing that the tool can check the Internet for new updates, doing so every time you start it can be somewhat irritating and time-consuming.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is extremely easy to use
  • It allows compressing DVDs


  • It doesn’t allow copying specific titles or chapters only
  • It doesn’t allow choosing which languages to remove
  • Checking the Internet for new updates every time you start it can be somewhat irritating and time-consuming
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